Question about server - client communication(s)

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Since I’m kinda new with Game Develop I’ve got some questions about server - client communication (and vice versa). I’m sorry if this question has been stated before, but I couldn’t really find a suitable answer by using the search function on this board.

Well, my question is as follows; regarding a small game I’m trying to create.

Within my game ( a space shooter / rpg) the players control a spaceship. During their super important adventures they might encounter some very nasty and hostile enemy ships. In fact, they’re so nasty that they will open fire and swirl around the players until they’ve been taken care of.

The thing that troubles me is:
Is there an easy / fast way to update the position of the enemy crafts in such a way that they show on the exact position for all players (clients)? Even when the enemy ships are moving? (Maybe some sort of automatic update function?)

Or, do I have to declare the position of the enemy ships myself on the server and send those angles and positions to each client? So the clients can adjust the enemies position according to the recieved data.


I notice something concerning “automatism” when I want to add/edit events. Is that the key to my problem?

You can add the “Automatic Network Updater” automatism to objects so that their position and angle will be automatically updated. Take a look here : … twork_anua

I’ve used this automatism successfully on a small project involving a map with blocks : The blocks were managed by one computer, and their position were sent to the other computer thanks to the “Automatic Network Updater” automatism. However, you’ll have to manually manage creation/destruction of objects.

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Just saved my day. Wow, this IS the program I’ve been looking for all these f***in’ years.

This reminds me of one of those old sayings: “He who’s able to read has the edge.” I guess I dind’t search or read good enough.

Be sure that you manage to get it to work before being so joyful :stuck_out_tongue:

Network is currently one of the most difficult thing to achieve with Game Develop, as it need to carefully manage the communication between the computers, it is really not an easy task.

The automatism need you to affect an unique identifier to all objects ( The identifier must be the same on the two computers of course ). Then, you have to set up ( Thanks to an action ) a computer as being the server and the other one as being the client.

Here is an example that I’ve made some times ago (213 KB)
At the beginning of the game, press “s” to be the server or “c” to be the client. Use arrows to move your characters ( Animations are buggy ). Click to launch an invisible bullet. When the bullet collides with a block, the block will fall.

Thanks for the quick help,

And I just downloaded the program and took a look at it.
You’re right, it’s still not as easy as I’d wished for, but it’s a start.

At the moment however, I think I gonna stick to my solution. As far as it gives me any results…
I’ll keep you posted on my progress and I’ll present something as soon as it’s working the way I want it to be.

Again, thank you for your help.


It seems that I’m loosing track of what’s going on within my little project. That means one thing…
I’ll have to start from scratch and find a better way of creating the server and client at the same time.

Sins I can’t run (preview) 2 scenes at the same time for some reason I’m thinking of using a second computer to create the server part.
Might be better, because I would be able to test stuff through a real network.

Okay, back to the drawingboard…