Question about Wait "X" Seconds

Is there a way to pause this?

Currently when I pause my game I just pause the base layer by setting the time scale of that layer to 0. This way I can interact with the UI/Upgrade layers.

This works great but I noticed for certain things that use the “wait X seconds” do not pause and continues until the event is finished. However if I change the Time Scale of the scene to 0 it pauses the wait X seconds but also pauses the UI/upgrade layers.

Anyway around this? I switched some things to timers already, but it’s been time consuming and the wait X function is so easy to use!

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Have you tried setting back the layers you need to 1?

Wait actions are asynchronous (meaning they run entirely separate from the event sheet), and are not layer specific nor related to an object. Since they don’t care about layers nor objects, they would not be impacted by a layer time scale change.

I believe they’re impacted by the scene time scale change, but that may or may not work for your use case.