Quick access for the Game Structure elements

What: I would like to have icons for the game structure elements (scenes, External Layouts, Ext. events and Extensions) outside the game manager menu, (see image mark #1) so they will be quicker to access, and when clicked they should open right there in the properties panel (See image Mark #2).

Why: I find myself opening the game manager panel and scrolling too much, and the bigger the game gets, the more scrolling we have to do. I know there are shortcuts to open these panels, but regardless, it would be very convenient having it there. Cause even when you open it through the shortcut, if you have at least 10 elements of any, you will need to start scrolling.

I believe this can boost the productivity using Gdevelop.


Saving the project manager categories collapse state, would also solve the scrolling problem in most cases. But just my idea✌️