Quick Question: Extensions

A super fast question: how do I access extensions? I know there is a section called functions/extensions, but I don’t see any tab inside there. Am I doing something wrong or do I not have access to it?

Have you created one? It works similarly to scenes, external events/layouts. You create a new extension and then click on it to add the functions and behaviors (which can have their own functions) inside it.


The better solution is to start at the beginning

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Yeah, sorry. I meant to include that link but got a bit sidetracked.

I’m not really trying to make my own function. I see in the tutorial that there is a “search for new extensions” button. I do not have that. Is it exclusive to certain operating systems or did I not enable it or something?

You will find the “Search for new extensions” option below the “Click to add new functions and behaviors” in the Project Manager.

I know what you’re talking about, but for me it isnt there.

You need the last update ^^
For see what version you use click on Help on top, and About, today we use Gdevelop 5.0.0-beta 75

I´m having the same problem, I can’t find the “search function” option, I think is a problem with the last update :confused:

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Oh looks like it is a little outdated then.