Quiz Game link to database

Hello, i’m a beginner here on gdevelop. I have a project to make a quiz games (question and answer is from database) is it possible to build in gdevelop? are there any tutorial for it? Thanks…


Yes it’s possible to make such things, but it might not be easy if you discover Gdevelop, and it depends of the kind of database you have in mind.

You can use internal “local storage” to use a local database with your embbed game, or you can use external online databases using request to a webpage (and an API).

Unfortunately, i dont think there is an example yet for a quizz game using a database :frowning:

The first step for a quizz game could be to store questions and answers in a structure variable, parse it and display it on scene, and script how do you want the quizz to evolve. From here once the logic is running with few questions, it could be easy to store a large amount of questions/answers in local or online database, and use it in your quizz.

Let me know if you have questions.