Random boss attacks

How do I…

so I tried to make a boss like in the tutorial on yt (How To Make A Boss Fight For Your Game - With GDevelop - YouTube)

What is the expected result

I wanted it to work like in this video and the script is very similar almost the same

What is the actual result

boss doesn’t have random attacks only has one the same one

Hi, welcome!

I think the problem is that your variable “tak”, which is the second value in the range for choosing the attack randomely, is never more than 1. This is because you use the ‘Trigger once’-condition together with the condition of the imperator’s hp. So when imperator’s hp is less or equal to 98 the variable ‘tak’ is raised by one, but only one time and that’s it → the random in range will be always between 1 and 1.

Edit: In Wesley’s video which you have linked there are two conditions that change the variable ‘progression’ and that’s why the value of the second parameter in the randomization-action can be more than 1.