Random object spawner help

I have created a spawner that spawns an object randomly on the x-axis every 4 seconds but it only spawns the object on right side of the screen. how to I fix so it spawns on the left side aswell?

Could you include a code snip please? :slight_smile:

Random(x)-Random(x) = range(-x, x)
RandomInRange(-x, x) doesn’t work

Here is the spawn action

Oh, right now it is always making it at x pos of 700. Change it to RandomInRange(200,700) (change the 200 to whatever number fits in the area you want to fish in)

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Oh okay!
Thank you so much for you help! It now works!

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I’m not sure what x represents but the RandomInRange() expression needs more than just x. It needs something like Variable(x) or objectName.X()