Random Spawns overlay (over each other)

Hi all,
got no clue how I`ll manage my random spawns to not spawn over each other.

I created objects randomly over the total Screen (size 1920x1080) at random. Some of them spawn over each other at times, logically.
If anyone could help me with avoiding this overlay, I´d be very greatful.


Hi Didacto,

I think some solutions could be like these:
-If the entity created is in collision with another entity created before, both of them will be deleted.
-You divide the screen in some areas, each area has a different timer and using these timers you have less chance to spawn over each.

I hope I helped you

I thought about option one. If i check for Collision and than deleted or move an Objekt, that could be possible. Onkyo Problem ist ist will be many lines of Events. I have no smart solution.

I will try it.

Thanks very much.