Randomized terrain... kind of (SOLVED?)

I want to have a few terrain presets for my game, and have them be randomly placed on the map.
Is it possible? How can I do that?
There are a few options to have randomized stuff, but none of them is about multiple of the same object.

If you want to creat multiple random terrain you can set their position randomly with (Random integer in range) expression just give variables to your terrain like terrain1 to have variable value 1 and so other terrain and then add event with no condition with action like change the variable value (make new variable) to be random in range from like your first terrain value to your last like if have four terrains so from 1 to 4 and then they occur randomly and as your question to have multiplied same terrain you can give 2 variables to terrain instead of only one( do for each terrain) and then modify the previous action like from random 1 to 8. Then if randomly 1 or 2 value come for one terrain they can be occur twice.

This is totally possible, yes! Bouh has done something like this already. This is especially easy using external layouts. Make your “presets” in it and use the Random expressions to select a random one to create objects from.

Do you need to make an external layout for each preset?