Randomized varibles & printing variables

Hi! What I’m doing right now is basically a text based game, that is all about choices and random variables. So I need at least know two more things abut game develop:

What is the expression used to make some variable on random scale, and even more, get that scale to sculpt based on previous results (like this:
randomize variable A scale 17-37
randomize variable B scale 10-40
randomize variable C scale A-B

Make value of the variable to “print” in text object:
Important value is [C] degrees.


The general formula is:


For example:
Do =17+Random(20) to variable A
Do =10+Random(30) to variable B
Do =Variable(A)+Random(Variable(B)-Variable(A)) to variable C

( In the last formula, make sure that B is greater than A ).

To display a variable, read this small tutorial about variables: wiki.compilgames.net/doku.php/en … evariables :slight_smile: