Randomizing the placement of objects

Is there any way to randomize the placement of objects in GDevelop?
I would like to be able to randomize obstacles in my game.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!! :smiley:

Which kind of game are you making? You can use RANDOM command :wink: In that picture, objects appear places between 0-400 Y and X axes.

Yeah, use the comand RANDOM, if the way he told you is not working for you, you can use variables if you need concrete places, like.

You want 100y/100x

Var createobject= 0 ; 100y/100x
Var createobject= 1 ;200y/200x
Var createobject= 2 ; 300y/300x
Var createobject= 3 ; 400y/400x

And then use a timer
Timer createobject > 2sec, var createobject = RANDOM(3)

Great! Thanks for all of the replies! I didn’t see that random option available, will have to check again

You can make variables have random values with Random(#).
Maybe you can have events spawn things at certain points depending what the variable is.