Really need some help with enemy unit

So I’m creating a plat former game for a school project but cant seem to figure out how to make the player die when he collides with an enemy unit. My character doesnt get effected by the enemy other then when I jump on it. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Did you try this? Maybe these events can help.
It checks to see if your touching it and if your NOT falling on it. So it kills our player if it don’t jump on it’s head. Like a goomba in mario :slight_smile:

thank you! one more quick question. Gdevelop crashes on me constantly and its becoming a problem with saving my progress in memory so is there any way i can save a file onto my desktop and open it up later in gdevelop when i feel like finishing my project?

By saving your project.

GDevelop should not crash, are you able to reproduce the bug ? If it’s the case, please, can you show us your project (that can reproduce the issue)

[size=200]Okay so when i save my project and put it into my desktop like this [/size]

[size=200]It should look like this when i open it, but instead [/size]

[size=200]When i open through gdevelop, im left with this [/size]

Why don’t you save it where you created it (by just using “save” and not “save as…”) ?

Your project has been saved properly, check the events, they should be ok. The problem is that you has saved the project file in another folder, so the relative path to the images has been modified… GDevelop can’t find the images :wink:
Try to put the images in a folder on the Desktop, remove the images from GDevelop and add them again, finally, when you want to move the project file, move the images folder too :slight_smile:

Well then, I’m not very smart :frowning: . Thank you, it worked fine after i put the saved file into the folder with the images. Thank you guys so much, I don’t know what id do if you guys hadn’t helped

Okay new problem. I am following the tutorial that is on Gdevelops website for platformer type games and i cant find a certain action which is needed to make the enemy move.
On the website it says to use

But there is not action present which allows me to use the two variables

So every time i go into my game and try to test if the enemy works, the enemy doesn’t move at all

It’s not two variables : it’s a variable and an object. The action is in All objects > Variables