Register on the Wiki

Hi, and sorry for this st… question, but I can’t find a way to register in the wiki.
Where I should enter? I can register in or I have to do it in another (external) page?

I’ve enabled back the button. :slight_smile:
It was hidden as their was a lot of spambot registering.

Wow… It’s certainly a serious problem :neutral_face: , I’m waiting the mail with the password :slight_smile: (a bit slow)
you’ll have to hide it again?

Some kind of Captcha (like SolveMedia - I’ve seen quite few spambot programs that had OCR module and none were able to hijack SolveMedia, despite it using very simple font that theoretically should be easily OCR-able) would help to deter most of spambots, for rest dedicated mod team could help. You could recruit them from most active non-spammy editors (I am already moderator on two forums, so I can’t help. Sorry).

I’m using reCAPTCHA for the moment but it does not seems to be really efficient. :frowning:

Can you put some kind of question like for example, “What is the missing letter in _ame Develop?”

I’ve updated the registration form with a new captcha.
By the way, do not hesitate to register on the wiki and make/improve documentation or tutorials :slight_smile: