Relinking missing files

I noticed if I make changes to the external folder. I have to manually relink each file in the assets browser, animation sheet and the events. It would be nice if the GDevelop used similar linking system to Adobe After Effects where you simply right click a missing file and update its folder location. Linking all missing files in that folder with all instances in the project.

There is a context menu on each resource in resource tab.
You can scan files by images, sound, etc.

You haven’t to relink if your resource are already in the folder with the project file.
There is a message when you select a sprite for example, this one ask to you if you want copy file with the project for avoid problem with link.

Thanks for the reply Bouh, I didn’t know about the resource tab had to look it up. I’ll keep it in mind when working on projects. I like to organise my working assets into categories. Characters, level, audio etc… I can get a little OCD especially on large projects so maybe some way to include local sub folders would be cool in the future.