Remove already grouped objects from list

  • **What: I want the ability to qucikly know what items I have already added to a group.

  • **Why: To speed up development process and better UX flow.

Currently if you make a new group and add items it will prevent duplicate items, meaning it does know what is already in it. So instead of rendering them in the list when they can’t be added anyways, simply don’t show them.

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Hello PocktFullOfPosey ,
it’s a simple and good idea.


Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:

If you want to know what items are in a group, open the group, the list is here. :slight_smile:

Regarding the object hiding, I would prefer graying them out, or adding a :white_check_mark: , to avoid some people not getting why some objects aren’t shown.

But in my opinion, instead of opening a window to edit the group list, clicking on a group name could trigger an object group mode in the object list, with boxes to un/tick to add/remove them. The work flow would be better, and we would see the object icons, which are quite helpful.

Anyway, much work to be done on these lists.

Yeah from a UX view I could see the check boxes being good, if we removed them it would have to have a note at top explaining that.