Renaming objects - bug

I knew about this bug for quite long time, but didn’t report it as I didn’t know how to reproduce it. Well, now I know.

When you renaming object (scene, actual object, external event - doesn’t really matter) and you move mouse cursor outside tree list area to scene or event editor area, renaming will be ended, like you would press enter. I think it may be bug in OnMouseOver/OnMouseMove event of controls for editing level/events (bug’s only there, start page is OK - dunno how events work in wxWidgets - as I said in other thread I’m using QT for my programs so I entered both names of suspected event) which leads too deactivating any previously activated control when mouse enter the area of scene/event editor.

That’s probably because the scene editor is taking the focus as soon the mouse is over it.

So maybe you can change it so it’ll take focus when clicking it? I think this would make more sense