Repeat the same action 3 times

I would like the enemy once colliding with fire to take damage every second for up to 3 seconds

Does the enemy need to be in collision with the fire the whole time?

no, I would like that when the enemy collides with fire 0.25 is subtracted every second for a maximum of 3 times.
i tried adding once trigger above but it doesn’t seem to work

Add Tween behaviour to text_ferita, then :


thank you so much it was just what i wanted.
I tried adding the tween behavior to “text_wound” but it gets deleted too fast. you think that the timer applied by me puts too much weight on the game

Change the 500ms of the tween duration to something larger. To understand what to set it to, keep in mind that 1000ms is one second,

if I don’t apply text destruction at the end of tweens everything works fine
as soon as I apply the destruction of the text as soon as it appears it is deleted immediately and does not take into account the timer inserted

No, because the tween is independent of the timer. How many seconds do you want the text to remain? Multiply that by 1000, and use that as the tween duration. And instead of using linear easing, try easeInExpo (check out this web site to get how different types of easings work)

thank you very much for your kindness, I would like the head to vanish in 1.5 seconds.
I am currently using this as recommended by you but there is still the same problem.
the text does not take into account the seconds entered, it appears and disappears immediately afterwards

You’ve got it as an unconditional event. You want to create the tween only once.

And if the text is disappearing straight away, then there’s some other event that’s deleting or moving it.

From your events, I’m assuming you’re fading the number and having it rise at the same time? if so, you can achieve that with 2 tweens :

To produce this effect :


Just to make sure has the text_ferita the Tween behavior added, it happens to me a lot of times I add the tween events but forgot to add the behavior to the Object.
Anyway this is how I do this

thanks a lot guys now everything is clearer