Repeating audio (several problems)

At the beginning of the first scene, audio plays, which indicates that the game has officially started. When I go back from the second scene to the first, this audio plays again.
The same problem when I don’t want to let the player go to a particular location - audio plays that says that the player will not find anything in that direction. It’s always a different direction. The player moves through the scenes using special keys. Let’s say the “a” key was pressed to move from the first scene to the second, but in the second scene, the “a” key starts the audio that prevents the player from moving in the wrong direction.
How can I solve this problem?

I didn’t really understand what you mean
Can you give me an example? A sceenshot how you make it?

P.S: changed the topic, thanks for telling me

Oh, I understood what you mean.
No, the problem won’t be fixed that way - I’ve already done it.
I have music on the background playing on all scenes and it works perfectly with the same way that you suggested me, but I need to fix the way that audio works, without turning off the “main music”.

The character says “Here we are. Let’s see what we can find”, when you first appear in the scene. If you will come back to this scene he will say it again and that’s the problem (sorry if it wasn’t understandable in my post).

But thanks, I will still check the video that you sent me.

define a Global Variable wich enable or disable the play of the sound.

Sorry for replying so late. Could you make an example please?

I could, but I won’t because it’s a very simple task. this should not be a problem for you. if you can’t do that, how do you want to move on?

As Gyuszko mentioned, I think you just need to set a Global Variable and use it as a trigger switch.

Condition: The global variable “soundstart” is 0.
Action: Play your music/sound
Action: Change global variable “soundstart” set to 1.

Now when you return to the scene, because you set the global variable “soundstart” to 1, it won’t be triggered again to play the sound because you specified a condition that “soundstart” must be 0 in order for the Play music action to be triggered.

If you want it to be triggered again at a later point then you need to do

Action: Change global variable “soundstart” set to 0

Hopefully that makes sense. (you can name the variable whatever you want, I just named it “soundstart” as an example.)