(Repost because nobody answered) Platform like yellow platform from Super Mario World

I want to make a platform like the yellow block in super mario world. I mean these ones:

What is the question that you would like answered? Is it related to how to make a platformer? Is it related to graphics? Or something else? If you give some detail about your question then the right people can give you an answer.

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I wanted to make platforms like those ones from Super Mario World. The first one open and closes at sides.
Like this:
Sorry if I couldn’t get the right frames
If you hit town one down below, it will become transparent

Do you mean the platform changes length between long and short?

What becomes transparent?

It’s definitely possible. Can you show what you’ve already done, and explain what is working and what isn’t? That will give us something to help with, instead of just starting from scratch. If you have no desire to even try, then I’m not sure why you’re making a game to begin with?

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Yeah, it does changes lenght. With transparent I mean the platform “dissapears for a second”

Ummm… I have nothing, and I’m asking because I had no time. What I DO have is a basic platformer, where I want to implement it

Have you thought about:

What causes the platform to change length?
What causes the platform to disappear?
Or do these changes happen at random intervals?

Have you done any tutorials in the wiki? Have you done any experimenting with GDevelop and have a basic understanding of how it works?

Ummmm…then perhaps you should wait until you have time. :man_shrugging:t3: You’ve indicated this is a repost because nobody answered…that should be your first clue. Being a smart ass isn’t going to get you anywhere.


Ok so the OP needs to learn some more tactfulness about asking for help but let’s all not get overly sensitive about it.

I am assuming you are using the platform behavior/example to start with. One thing to note is there is an action for “Activate/Deactivate Behavior” (search for Behavior) that you could use to turn off the platform behavior, which would allow the player you pass through the platform.

There are also conditions to “check for collision” between your player object and your platform object. Probably you should also include with that a condition to make sure “Player is jumping” and also "Player y position is less than (<) y position of the platform object. This is to detect the player “bonking” the platform from beneath the platform while jumping. With this condition satisfied, you could deactivate the platform behavior and use “change animation” on the platform object to show an animation of the block going into pass-through mode. If you don’t have an animation, you could also use “Change opacity” to make the platform look partially see-through instead.

To make the platform come back, you can “start an object timer” on it. There is a condition to check for “object timer > 3 seconds” that you can use to trigger an action “activate behavior” to make the block solid again.