Request to add Tween plugin

I have posted many times that plz add Tweening plugin. This plugin really be great and add awesome animational and transitional effects to games.

Please try it, I sure you’ll happy to see the quality of games by adding this plugin

(Please, edit the topic title…)
You probably know that Tweening is complicated subject and is not easy to create. So, it’s not a priority feature.

Don’t you know that many sponsors for html-5 games looking for quality html-5 games and tweening effects can add tons of quality in any game.
Beauty of a game is that it runs smoothly and consistently and tweening add that smoothness.

I don’t think so it’s tooo difficult to implement :wink:

Please, don’t say that if you haven’t done it yet, I’m sure it’s annoying for developers to hear it :frowning:
You said you know JavaScript, so far so good… But knowing how to use Tween itself (just add the object and property to tween) is not the same of implementing it in a full and complex game engine :wink: