request win8 support!

Can you update game develop to fit in win8 os?
Another,Maybe add a function on export to win8 metro store,it should be cool.
Best wishes!

Game Develop already works on Win8.
If it does not launch, try to download this file :
Then extract all the files inside the Game Develop directory, and launch GDIDELauncher.exe

Game Develop can run, but why this event is displayed strangely: I posted the problem before on viewtopic.php?f=20&t=4034
What can i do?

That’s a bug for sure, but there is a lot of chance it has nothing to do with Windows 8 :slight_smile:
Can you send me the project file with the event ?

Tank.rar (252 KB)
I follow your beginer video guide,meet the error.