[Research Closed] Looking for Testers: Project History on GDevelop

:sunflower: We are exploring the possibility of integrating Project History on GDevelop! So,we are looking for 10 desktop volunteers to test a Project History prototype.

If you’re interested on participating, please go to this topic for further instructions. :slight_smile:

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Further instructions:
The test consists on opening a -safe- link on desktop, and click on a Design prototype to evaluate a new app enhancement. The participants should have the following characteristics:

  • Know what “project history” is
  • Have good internet access
  • Are willing and available to finish a 5 minute test without interruptions
  • Have access to a Desktop support (tablet or mobile are not supported)
  • Can complete the task from today until Wednesday morning (the sooner, the better!)

The test:
It consists on answering 4 questions.
Two are a multiple choice questions regarding your GDevelop use, and the other 2 will be a very short exercise to place on a clicking prototype (an image version of the app) a section of the app. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

Before starting the test, a couple of notes:

  • There are no right or wrong answers on this test. We are not evaluating you, but our design.
  • Once you’ve opened the URL for the test, please try your best to finish it (otherwise, it will count as a response, even if you didn’t finish)
  • There is only one answer available per user.

Alright! So, get comfortable on your seat.

  • You will need a desktop with good internet connection, and time to finish the exercise.
  • You will be asked a series of 4 questions, which you will have to answer as honestly as possible.
  • If after trying you feel like a question is getting “to hard”, you can skip it.

If you’re ready, open the following link to open the test: