Reseting a scene

I use external layouts for levels and I am making a platformer. But when I use "Go to " it makes the previous level only invisible but does not delete them :frowning: Any fix for this :confused:

Can you send us a minimal working project (.gdg file + resources) that reproduce the bug, to check it? Maybe it’s just a logical error :slight_smile:

OK heres what you wanted (6.27 KB)

Seems like a bug : the platform collision masks stay on the scene after the object deletion. :frowning:

Maybe related to some cached “platform boundaries”, to improve the performance?
Anyway, thanks for the report and example :wink:

Anytime :slight_smile: I hope this bug is fixed in the next release :unamused:

Is it possible to reset a scene though? As in delete all changes to the scene? Or is it done by default but its not working in this case ?