Resize and move the sprite without effecting the game?

I have downloaded this game: Gdevelop - Tic-Tac-Toe Basic Template by Sparckman

If I change the yellow sprint, the game still works fine, but if I move the closer att get a strange bug, the computer marks two boxes at the same time. I can’t find in the position for the computer marks, I guess it is a relative position and when I resize and move the yellow boxes something goes wrong.

The result, the computer ads two crosses at the same time

Expected, one cross if there is more space between


Hey, as a general tip, seems like you can drastically reduce the amount of events in your eventsheet by adding the TICx objects in object groups, it also can prevent errors, because sometimes you can incorrectly fill a parameter with something when copying and pasting events for several objects.

For example:

You can replace all your “The variable TIC of TICx = y” checks with just

“The variable TIC of TIC_Group = y”

I will even help debugging the unexpected behavior you are having, just by shrinking the size of the eventsheet.