Resize object and change width

hi guys how can i do to resize an object and change the width based on a variable?
let me explain … I have a mask object that constantly changes size according to the weapon created.
I would like to have the mask object then change its width based on the number of bullets remaining.
unfortunately the mask object when I ask to vary the width is based on the original dimensions of the object and not on the resizing requested at the beginning

the underlined text correctly resizes the mask object as, on the other hand, the text indicated with the arrow correctly resizes the width of the mask object but together they contrast with each other.

so how can I do to be able to resize the mask object and apply the variable of the remaining bullets based on the resized mask object.

Thanks in advance for your help

Yes I think that’s how scale works.
You could give the sprite the correct size without resizing it with code. Or change the width with the width action instead of x scale.