Resizing objects using scaling

At the startup scene, I want the title to start at a small size, then it gradually gets bigger until it reaches the desired size. I know that I need to use the “Scale” action, but whenever I use it, the object that I am scaling disappears. I think I am using it wrong :confused:

Any advice/help? Thanks!

You should do something like this:

[code]Conditions: No conditions (always)
Actions: Do + 0.5*TimeDelta() to the scale of Title

Conditions: Scale of Title is > 2
Actions: Do = 2 to the scale of Title[/code]

It will increase the scale of the Title object (it must be a sprite) by 0.5 per second (in 2 seconds it will be twice as big). Note that I’m using “+” to increase the scale, not “=”. It will stop increasing the size because the second event, with a max scale of 2.

Thanks for the answer. It works, but is there a way to not make it resize in a “slanting” action, meaning it doesn’t move its position while resizing? In my case, I placed the object “Title” in the middle, but as it grows larger, it moves farther away from the middle.

Thanks for the help!

Edit the sprite and put the Origin point over the Centre point, objects are scaled from the Origin :wink: