Resrart where you left off, Not score

I want the student to begin his review from the point he left last time, There isn’t a score for that, Just when he finished with question number sixty and another day wanted to continue, He must begin with question number sixty-one.
I want help, or a video for that, please.

How are your questions displayed? Are you using 1 scene or a scene for each question?

Either way you can save the current question number in storage and then check storage at the beginning of the scene. What you do then depends on the setup of your project.

This uses a button. Until you click the button, it shows the default value of Data.lastQuestion on the button object. Once the button is pressed it changes the variable’s value and saves it to storage. The next time the project is run, it checks the storage and loads the last value. The event that is disabled deletes the storage. If you change the variable Data (like by adding children) then you need to delete the storage once otherwise, it will replace the default variable with the last saved one and it will never use the new version.

You can add as many children to the Data variable and then after loading it, you can either change scenes or display the last or next question. If you’re using multiple scenes then you can use a global variable. Just save the variable to storage after the question is answered.

This is the same using a global variable. The variable would be the same except Data would be in the global variable section.

JSON actions and expressions are under [conversion] and storage under [storage]

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many many thousands of thanks for your help, I will try all of that with a global variable.

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