Restricting actions within specific time frames

I’m currently creating a game where time is a very important mechanic, and as such I currently have a text object called timer in my game with the following events tied to it.

What I’m currently having trouble with is the fact that I only want certain actions to occur within set time frames. So for instance, I may want a certain event to only occur within the span of 5-20 seconds after the game has started.

I know that there is a condition called compare the text of a text object, which I believe I can use to achieve this, the problem is I don’t know the proper command to enter. I know I could hypothetically create multiple individual conditions for when the timer shows 5 seconds, 6 seconds, 7 second and so on and so forth within the same event, but that sounds incredibly inconvenient to me. Is there a specific command I can enter to avoid doing this?

From a base concept, you are always going to have to individually call out “do this at X seconds, do this at Y seconds, etc”, regardless of the engine. There’s no way to avoid that because you as the game developer are wanting different things to happen at different times.

Yuu shouldn’t need anything for “Compare the text” though. Just use the condition for the timer and check if the timer is greater than X seconds.