Retrieve data by cross-referencing two different databases

How do I… retrieve data by cross-referencing two different databases

I’m progressing with my football management game (mostly thanks to the precious advice from this forum): the match part is ready, the XP and level-up phase as well, and I’m also learning how to import JSON files to load external databases (one with the teams of the league and their actions-per-game; one with the fixtures indicating the matches to be played).

I’m stuck in processing the results of matches of other teams (not related to the player’s team). How can I “retrieve” data from one database (the action-per-game of a team in SerieATeams db) with that of another (the home_team present in fixture db)?

I think I should “match” the team name and use the instance variables of the objects like Home_Team_1, but I can’t figure out which expression to use to do it.

Any advice is welcome! Thank you!