Rob, The Dog!

Hi guys!
Let me introduce you all “Rob, The Dog!”, my first project with GDevelop.

Game Name: Rob, The Dog!
Genre: Classic Platformer.
Platform: Native (PC).
Language: English.
Download Link (17Mb):







The story begins with our little friend wandering through the forest until he sees a sign board announcing the circus is in town…
“-The circus is in town? Cool! To the town then!” And the adventure begins!
I won´t reveal much more about the game as i want you guys to check it out by yourselves! Hehe!
Currently, the first pack of levels is available to play [1 pack=3 levels (2 regular + 1 bonus level)], and the objective is to make a few more set of levels.

When i first started this project the idea was to make of this an “experience project”, to understand and learn a bit more about the GDevelop engine, but im really enjoying “Rob” now, so, i think im going to work on it (creating new levels) a bit more time. Congrats to the creator of GDevelop! It´s a fantastic soft, extremely easy to work with but at the same time allow us to make some pretty cool functions. And i know a new version is on the way so… Clap! Clap!, guys! :slight_smile:

Hope you guys may enjoy the adventures of this little dog!
And all kind of feedback is very much appreciated!

Edit: [Download Link and Pics.]

Wow, really impressive. This is one of the most polished games made with GDevelop that I have seen, kudos to you.
Just one little thing:
Could you make the “Let’s go” level intro skippable? I died a lot in level 1.1 by touching the spears and it got a little annoying to wait for the intro to end. But apart from that everything is perfect.

Extremely well made game.
My only problem is that we die immediately on collision. Would be nice to have at least 2 or 3 lifes.
You might want to share it on

You can set up a discussion board too and get feedback from more potential players.
I hope 4ian see this and going to include it in the home page. You might want to send him a PM to be sure.

Hi folks!

Thank you for the feedback, guys. Good suggestions, indeed.

Wendigo, i will add the skip option to the level intro screen. In fact, i think a skippable option to the gamestory intro (the scene after the splash screen) is a nice idea aswell so i think i will do that too.

ddabrahim, the single life system makes the game a bit more challenging. But i understand the “benefits” of a “multi” life system.
The thing is: i really must think very well how i will do that because of some “static” enemies i have in the game…
Example: the water (game lvl 1) or the lava (game lvl 2). The hero falls into the water (or lava) and one life is subtracted, but once in the water (or lava) the hero can´t return to solid ground so the subtraction of lifes will just keep going and going.
The same would happen with the spikes, when the hero is performing the slide movement…
One solution to this could be something like this: hero falls into the water; subtract one life to hero; move hero to the nearest solid ground and the game would continue from there. It’s a possible solution but it doesn’t seem very “realistic”, does it? and the discussion board are fantastic suggestions but for the moment I need to make and add a few more levels first. That’s what i will be doing these next weeks! :slight_smile:

Well I guess it is ok to die immediately when the player falls into the lava. Only when touching enemies or the spikes that move out of the rocks should it cost one life.
Alternatively you could remove one life and automatically perform a jump when the player falls into lava. If he manages to reach a platform before all lifes are lost he’ll survive if not, well … :smiling_imp:

My suggestion would be.

-water: cost 1 life every x second while player is in collision with water, player can swim slowly toward a platform
-lava: cost 3 (all) lifes on collision: kill immediately unless you plan to add some items to change that like lava proof boots…
-spike: cost 1 life on collision and knock you back

I had not yet seen another platform game, this also promises well, I really like the graphics, the graphics look like giant proporsions at least I speak of the map.

I see that you also use the native platform, it seems propio the best at least on the platform genre, now as soon as possible download the game.

Hey mates!

Just updating some more info about the game. Already have one more set of levels [almost ready]: (2 regular+1bonus level), but still under testing. I think i may able to make them available here next week. So, what is, or will be, new here soon:
- Life system implemented (3 hearts/life per level).
Managed to make a cool life system, several ones actually, for the several “enemies” of the game. Pretty cool really!
- Skip intro and level intro option available.
No more waiting! Just click the Skip button and get back into the action.
- More fun, diversity and game experience.
With these new levels you will have much more fun, more "enemies"to deal with, and different challenges.
- Some changes in the HUD sector.
Some new stuff in the HUD, here and there.

As i said, i will try to make a file update these next days with all these new stuff.
Thanks guys for the suggestions! It means a lot! :slight_smile:

Looks nice! Can I add it to the website? :slight_smile:

I guess you did it already! And it looks great!
Thanks, man! :slight_smile:

Im currently making the last tests for a new set of levels (and some others minor updates for the previous one set), and im sure i will able to upload all this new stuff in the next couple of days.

Hi mates!

Here it is! :slight_smile:
My first update of “Rob, The Dog”, ready for download, guys.
The link (DropBox) can be found in the first post of this thread. I also updated the current pics there and posted some new ones.

So, what’s new here:
-Game Pack #2, which means, 3 new levels for play:
The forest level called “Sly, The Useless”. It’s somehow an easy level, with some new enemies such as some crazy birds in it.
The cave level called “Teleportation, Dude!”. A tough and huge level with new and fun challenges, and yes, you guys got it right, with the teleportation element in it!
Finally, the Bonus Level. To relax and have some more fun but under a countdown so, you must think and act fast if you want to catch all the stars before time runs out.
In some of these levels above, you will find vertical moving platforms. Congrats to Jubeliuksen3 who helped me a lot so i could get a smooth working movement with plats and “Player”.

-Life system implemented in all the levels:
3 hearts, 3 lifes. But carefull: most of the enemies can take one life only, but others can kill you instantly (example, falling into the lava). Thank you ddabrahim for this suggestion!
-Skip intro option implemented.
Thank you Wendigo for this suggestion.
-Some other minor updates and rectifications in all the previous game levels in order to improve game performance.

Hope you guys may enjoy!
I will be busy these next couple weeks but after that, i intend to start working on Game Pack #3 and continue to implement some new stuff into the game, like a level map! :slight_smile:
Im also thinking about making Rob available in itch and/or similar sites, for more visibility and feedback purposes.

That was very well made… I am not into platformers in general, but i actually enjoyed it…

A few pointers now… I would like to be able to slide all the time not only when it is necessary… It is a cool move and it needs to be used more…

There are several parts in 1.1 where i have to fall down but i cant see what lies beneath… It could have saved me a great deal of trouble in that level…

[spoiler]At the end of 1.1 if you dont fall down to the right to get the key, you go to the door and the only way to get the key is to walk all the way back… and it gets rather frustrating…[/spoiler]

Also the spikes dont have to kill you instantly…

All in all a very well made game… Keep it up mate…

Thank you for the feedback, MeX1Co! :slight_smile:

Sure it’s cool but not sure if i will make that happen, mate! Making it a permanent action (slide movement) it can “kill” a bit my intention for this type of game and levels-type i already have, such as for the other ones I’m currently working on…hmmm!! Let’s see…!

I will (re)check that, for sure!

Agree! Let me check that and, eventually, fix that situation for the next update.

Again, thanks man, for the feedback!
PS: how is going your western project? :slight_smile:

Finally, i want to take this opportunity and share my profile link to itchio:
Still a lot of stuff to post there (including the itchio main page of “Rob, The Dog!”) but i just signed itchio 2 days back and, obvious, im still working on that pages/profiles, as we speak. :slight_smile:

Awesome! <3 :sunglasses:

Nice platformer. Idea and gameplay are simple and that’s good and bad thing. Good thing is that you can just jump right in and play, no need to learn difficult mechanics. Bad thing about that is that I did not find the game so interesting after playing it a while. So in my opinion game is maybe too simple. (But I think that’s what you tried to do: casual, simple game).

Game art is enjoyable and makes me happy! Gameplay is also pretty good. Only thing that bothers me is that hitboxes are sometimes too big: you can die pretty far away from spikes and enemies.

Keep it going!

wow well done!

Thanks, mate!


Sure, simple casual games, my good friend! :slight_smile: But there’s a twist about to happen very soon: Rob will be able to perform some really deadly actions. Stay tuned! :wink:
About the hitboxes and spikes, i really dont have that same perception… But i will recheck that.

Hey guys!

Just made a new update on “Rob, The Dog!”.
As usual, this new file is available for download on the first post of this thread (DropBox Link).
And a new pic is there too!
Don’t be shy, just go there, download, and enjoy! :slight_smile:

Ok so, basically, what’s new here:

-A level game menu;
You don’t have to play alllllll the levels now… Just select the one(s) you want to!
-Graphic effects;
I did some huge work with this during these last days… What before was somekind of “static”, now is a bit more “dynamic”.
Example, collecting coins: now, each time you collect a coin you will get a nice visual graphic effect.
Same with the long spring jumps.

-Some other minor rectifications with the scenarios, sounds, game performance, etc, etc…

Great game! It’s really a good job :smiley: