Rotate object to the angle of the controller thumbstick

So I have the gamepad extension on my game and I want an object to point towards the angle where the thumbstick is rotated (either the left or right thumbstick). Any ideas on how to do it?

I believe there is an expression in that extension called “Value of a stick rotation”. That should give you an angle. You might need to +/- 90 to the value depending on what it gives you, though.

i tried using that, it acts like a steering wheel. The thing is, I need the x and y coordinates and the angle of which the thumbstick is pushed.

There are no x/y coordinates for a thumbstick. That’s not how they work.

They work based off rotation and amount of force applied.

i was thinking of the distance of the thumbstick pushed from the origin (example -12, 34).

Yeah, unfortunately there’s nothing that will be tracked like that on a Joystick as there isn’t a “0x,0y” in Joystick drivers. You can also get the force applied as an expression, but it’ll be a singular number.

ok let me test the force expression

Sure. It’ll be between 0 and 1 (0 no force, 1 maximum).