Rotate towards player

I am working on a isometric project where i need the enemy to face and walk towards my player when at a certain distance. i got it to move towards my player but my animation to face right, down, left, up is not working. am i using the correct angle code in my animation?

Where did you get this angle code?
I assume the part before the +1 should be between (brackets).

i was just trying different things ill give the brackets a try

What happens if the angle is not a multiple of 90? I suggest you debug by outputting the angle to console and see what values you get, because they won’t be whole numbers.

You will probably want to look at trunc or round functions.

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okay, how do i the debug tool to give me an output?

Use this action :

And run the game in Debug mode :


awesome! ill mess around with that and see what i get. Thank you!