RPG Strategic Puzzle Game Level Ideas

Any puzzle/maze level suggestions for a top down rpg. All suggestions will be considered and some may be added to the game itself (Oscitancy Hollow) which is still in development :smiley:

I’m probably the worst person to ask but I’ll suggest some stuffs:

  • Block puzzles (if they’re not too obvious/common),
  • Switches to move walls around in dungeons, like a lever,
  • Make certain enemies interact with maze walls/obstacles, like having a fire monster spit fireballs towards the player, if the player dodges then the fireball could go past them and like a giant candle which unlocks/does something to the environment (just make a failsafe in case the monster is killed and the player is softlocked),
  • Having a chase mechanic for a maze, like an unkillable ghost or something who chases the player down through a maze, gives the element of danger,
  • Proper puzzles using the environment or an element of lore from your story, examples include finding things that are well-hidden/guarded by monsters, then backtracking to use them at their respective locations with a juicy reward relating to story, and
  • Failable challenges which change the environment if the player gets it wrong, like a riddle the player has to answer and if they answer wrong, not only do they get perhaps get hurt but the room around them changes somehow, you could even go as far as giving a game over if they answer three times wrong or something.

Apologies if none of this is helpful but I thought I’d bounce some ideas around haha! Best of luck to you!

Thank you so much! These are great suggestions, I will definitely being using some of them!

Co-op mode might be a fun idea!

I do intend to add multiplayer/co-op mode to later games I make, but not this current one as it does not fit with the storyline very well. Thanks for the suggestion tho :slight_smile: