RTS Style Box Selection Help


How can I make a unit box selection similar to Warcraft 3 or any other RTS where you drag the mouse to create a box to selection the units inside it? I tried a simple change width and height of a box sprite with mouse x and y but it doesn’t work. Thank you!

i played around with an rts game before, but sadly it seems, i have lost my project.
but i do have my old backupfiles, which had box selection in place already.
it also keeps ther formation and you can rearrange the orientation, by keeping right click and move the cursor.
RTS project


This is perfect! Thank you very kindly my friend.

Do you still have the project by any chance? The link dosn’t appear to work anymore

They made an extension for this, I believe. Its im the main extension list in the engine. Something like “selector box” If I remember right.