Run editor on a local network?

What would be required to run the editor on a server, the way it’s done at ?

I thought it might be a handy way to collaborate on projects. The speed wouldn’t be at desktop level but I imagine it would move fast enough over a local network.

Would it be as simple as making the app executable by the webserver? Are there any specific modules or libraries necessary to run it? What sort of system requirements? I seem to recall the app itself needs about 1GB ram to run on a desktop, plus whatever is needed for the game.

A simple web server should be enough. Note though that hosting it is redundant as you wouldn’t be able to save the projects on that webserver anyways, so you’re better off using the web editor with google drive.

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Without the ability to save progress it isn’t that useful.

As an alternative I could set up remote desktop. I use gmail, but I try to avoid relying on google for too much. I find it’s usually better to handle everything in house as much as possible.

Thank you for the information, it saves me time from trying it.