S.S.C: Rusted War - BETA Now Available, Looking for Feedback

S.S.C: Rusted War is an action-adventure game featuring a large map to explore, wide assortment of NPCs to interact with, a captivating storyline and mystery, a wholly unique and satisfying system of combat, and a tricky series of mini-games/side quests to overcome.

The game’s full story and series of side quests are now available, but as the game is currently still in BETA, there are bugs, difficulty balancing, and quality of life changes that still need to be applied in the future.

If you’re interested in testing the game out and giving feedback on any bugs you discover or changes you’d advise making, you can download the BETA release from itch.io HERE.

Be aware, this game requires both mouse and keyboard (WASD). Total playtime is roughly 5 hours, likely more. Two hardlocks have been discovered in-game so far and are detailed in the devlog on itch.io. It’s advisable you read both hardlocks in full to avoid having to restart from a prior save.

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Too bad I don’t have qwerty keyboard :confused:

May try to add support for other keyboards in the future.