Save and Load Inventory / 2 differents scenes

Hi there,

I can’t success Gdevelop load my inventory.

Here’s what i made and what is the result.

  • I downloaded the inventory save and load exemple from gdevelop website.
  • one sprite for save, one sprite for loading, and some item to put in inventory.
  • It is working well but only in this unique scene.

I want to save, quit this scene and load from a main menu but…it loads the double of the content of the inventory.

I just create an empty scene, a sprite and if click on sprite, go to the scene exemple where there is the inventory with save and load buttom working well except if i quit the scene by the sprite i create leading me to main menu again.

When on main menu, clicking to my sprite leading me to the scene => if i click on load, if i saved with 2 bananas, now it loads with 4…

any idea ?

my main menu :

my scene with save and load = the exemple one :slight_smile:

I just added a sprite leading to main menu : if i click on it and looks like this is it making it bug ?
cause if i quit the preview from my inventory scene, launching it from main menu, it works…

Hope you understood my problem and sorry for my bad english
Perhaps you can help please :slight_smile:

You would need to show a screenshot of the related events.
The usual save/load issue is that people overwrite their data, write before reading, but if it loads the double, I guess it’s not your issue.

PS: feel free to post in the French section, as it will be easier to understand you. :slight_smile: