[Save Data Module] failed within Single exe File

If I use the “Save XML Module” in GD and Compile the Program within a Single Exe File > no file will be saved.

Same program compiled in “Simple Mode” > no problem with the save file:


here you can download a testprogramm (click at the form, then the program save the file “save” within “0” at the Variable “01”

compiled within one single file this won’t work at all. proofed bug, i think.

Yes, It’s a known bug because the only one exe is extracted in a temporary folder (when, your program create a file in the folder, it will not be recompressed).
So, use the simple compilation mode (it’s the better mode). :wink:

I’ve corrected this bug for the next version, as it was quite annoying. It was indeed due to the fact that the game was extracted to in temporary folder.