Save HighScore to file (android)

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A Gdevelop newbie here, i started to learn Gd. one week ago. It is fascinating how fast you can do amazing things with this stuff.

I have a problem with creating a save file on android (nothing fancy, i just want to store a number (HighScore) in a file). I checked other related forum topics but so far i cannot make this function work. What is the easyest way to do this? Can someone show an example?

  1. I was able to build the save function on windows successfully like this:

Save ToString(GlobalVariable(HighScore)) into file FileSystem::DocumentsPath() + FileSystem::PathDelimiter() + “savetest.txt”

Load text from FileSystem::DocumentsPath() + FileSystem::PathDelimiter() + “save1test.txt” into scene variable ReadScore

  1. based on the documentation, the filesystem actions doesn’t work on android, i tried to do the save action using the “storage” actions with and without the full path:

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There is an example ti load/save informations. It’s simple ti understand how to manage the coommands

Okay i killed a lot of time to figure this out, the save file created with the data successfully if i use the command this way:

-I removed the string conversion from the front of the variable.


Hello, would you mind share with me the code you used to save the text file in android?

Thank you.