Save/Load Yarn Dialogue Template + Dialogue System

Revised: 4/15/2023
I have seen people ask how to save/load yarn dialogue but I have yet to see a template for it.
So I went ahead and made it. I also included a fully operational dialogue system that uses the Dialogue Tree of course.

  • The template now includes a One-Key dialogue system in the save/load template (whatever is the newest version)
    So as the name suggest, the dialogue uses one key to skip, start, continue, confirm, and end dialogue.

  • And I updated/revised my Two-Key dialogue system in the template as well. (v.1.1)
    But, I still have the original Two-Key system (v. 1.0)
    “Two-key” means that skipping is a dedicated key.

However, I do not recommend to use v 1.0’s dialogue system. It works of course, but it has a major flaw if you look for it.

Template: Save/Load Yarn Dialogue Template
Video that discusses save/load portion: How to Save/Load Yarn Dialogue in GDevelop
Devlog: Optimized + One-Key System Update

Resources to Learn More:

Check out WorriedPixels Channel: worriedpixels - YouTube
He does a wonderful job to explain how to make your first dialogue system and some information on yarn!

Step-by-step Dialogue System: Dialogue in GDevelop with Yarn 2022 step by step

Brief Overview on Yarn Conditionals: Yarn variables and conditional statements | Dialogue in GDevelop with Yarn

GDevelop Dialogue Tree Wiki: All Features Dialogue Tree

Yarn Spinner: Getting Started Writing in Yarn

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