Save not working for certain users

I recently released my game. Unfortunately one of the people who purchased my game has complained save game is not working. I have tested the game on several machines and they all save correctly.

Any ideas what the problem could be?

well we cant see events for the save so we cant help much unless we can think of ways it doesn’t work without looking at them i cant think of any that would be much use to you as idk what systems you made for it(like if there is a id(or name() system and stuff like data)

Its on Windows that seems to be the problem.

do all the conditions get true(like the ones needed to) for the save if so then tell the person or if you can do it to do control shift i then click Application then click local storage then click on I assume the only thing in local storage(like the game) then click on what I assume is “GDJS_Options” then click “Unlocked” and say what it shows(this is to check if the save data got saved) or you could log a msg I guess to(if you don’t know there is a action to log msg to console and just put that in where save action is then check console aka control shift i then open the console if not open) and if that’s all good then show the events for loading, please

Thank you for your help. I have had no reply from the buyer and no other reports of this problem. Hopefully it was just a temporary glitch on his PC.