Save without storage

I know that you can save each variable into storage and then read it for later. I am wondering if there is some easier way to save the game other than saving each variable and then reading it from the storage. Another things is that to my knowledge you can only put scene variables into storage so that adds extra steps and work if you can’t use scene variables for something you have to save. I am fine with having to put each variable into storage but I don’t want to do that if there is some other way.

Hrmm. It’s pretty easy the way it is. I know, because I’m pretty lazy about things. I mean efficient. What are you trying to save? I can probably help you come up with some painless save event.

I would agree with Lucky-j, what is the data structure you’re trying to save?

Saving and loading (done correctly) should only involve 1 event each, with maybe 2-3 actions. Usually you build out a “Game data” Global structure variable and load the information into it, and all of your events work out of that structure variable.

I just started using G-Develop so I don’t really know how to do that. I’m trying to make some sort of idle game.

This tutorial uses the same process I do for saving.

Here is an event sheet I made that might be helpful to look at. It’s not an idle game but it has events to save several variables in a main structured variable. It shows how to store JSON inside an array inside a structure that you will in turn also JSONify (is that a word) to save to storage. It shows how to save objects variables to the main scene variable and pack them back into the objects on load time. I didn’t put a global variable in, but it’s the same principle as putting the scene variable you get from storage back into the objects - except you put it back into the global variable instead.

Tutorial Farm Event Sheet by lucky-j (