Saving a Project


Im brand new and have some questions about saving a project. I did not found the answers/infos in the forum or wiki.

If i save the project it is stored in the default path /user/…
Is it possible to change the path later? Or can i just move the project folder to another directory?

And just for my understanding: there is just one file in the folder: xxx.json.
Are in this file all assets (sprites etc.) stored that i use for my project?

Thank you in advance

When you’re creating a new project you can scroll down to change the path where the project will be created.
About changing the directory, if “Save As” has not been added yet you can move the entire directory (or just the .json file) to a new path, but the images are not saved inside the file!. If you put the images in a directory aside the project file:

MyProject ----game.json ----images --------player.png --------enemy.png
You can safely move the entire directory “MyProject”, because resources use relative paths, and the images folder will be moved with the project, keeping the relative location.
Now if you’re using images from different parts of the computer (from My Images, from other drive, etc.) outside the project directory you’ll have problems, after moving your project you’ll have to fix the resources path manually, in the resources list accessible from the project manager panel :slight_smile:

save it in the desktop, that way you can change computer , saved into a pendrive, moved from window to linux etc without problem.

Thank you for your help! :smiley:
Now is see how it works!