Saving and Loading after Closing Game

Hi, new to GDevelop and I can’t find any good tutorials on this: is there a way to save and load at a checkpoint (e.g. Undertale, Deltarune) after closing the game? Any help would be appreciated!

Hi, You could just save a variable like Checkpoint=1 and at the beginning of the game with the save/load file system, and when restarting, load the checkpoint so that when Checkpoint=1 the character is loaded at checkpoint 1. Next checkpoint, save it as Checkpoint=2 and so forth so whatever the last checkpoint was will be the one to load. I hope that makes sense, just thinking on the fly how I would handle it, there probably are plenty of other. smarter ways, but maybe that helps to get you in the right direction.
If your brand new, check this vid out on the save/load, it is very helpful.

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Thanks for the help! I’ll be sure to give this a try.