Saving high score and also accumulating currency

im new to gdevelop and development in general, im trying to implement a system where coins i collect ingame (endless type of game) are used as a high score, so the total amount before dying will be saved as a high score on the main menu, but also the total coins collected will be added to a coin total on the main menu to purchase things, just unsure how to do this, any help appreciated!

You’ll probably want to make a global variable named Coins.

thanks, i have a scene variable, counting and displaying the coins/score collected, but im unsure how i would keep the accumulative number collected to have a currency, or even have a different object for score and currency, i just dont know how i would keep track of the total on the main menu

You’ll need a text object to display it on the menu and a “modify the text” whenever the score/currency is updated - so if it’s a separate number, you need two text objects to be updated. You can still use a scene variable for currency/score points collected on that scene, but if you have multiple scenes, it’s better to use a global variable as well.

At the end of each scene, you would create an event to “change GlobalVariable(Coins) to add Variable(Coins)”.

I think the wiki article describes most of what you need.