Scene Change

Hello guys!

Can someone around here explain me how to make the scene change look like a blink, i got a timer and when it hits 2500 points it changes to the 2nd scene, but it looks kind raw, hope i was clear enough.thx a lot

Create a layer over the one (or ones) you’re using to set your gameplay, set a white box sprite there at x0,y0 coordinates since the scene start, make it the same size of the game window and set its opacity to 0 to make it totally transparent. Then, when you want to change scene increase its opacity at a high ratio (+15, for example) and change the scene when the white box object opacity value is equal or over 255 (that’s the top for opacity value).

It will look like the scene change occurs in a flashlight.

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thx a lot, that worked really well…now, can i move all the characters from a scene to another, including the behaviours/variables?

That’s ANOTHER question, but ok, let’s answer it in the same topic:

Yes, you can: right-click on any object of the objects palette and in the contextual menu you’ll find an option to set the object as “global object”. Then that object, configured as it is, will be automatically available for all scenes.

Another tip: there are "“external events sheets” you can copy all the events in one of those and then just link it to every scene where such events are needed. That way you don’t have to “rewrite” all your events for the new scene.

I see, that’s what i did and i encountered one bug, but luckly it didnt affect my game when i opened the project again.Thank you so much :smiley: