Scene freezes game

Hey, so i don’t really have a lot of info to give you. I essentially have 1 scene the freezes my game and i don’t know why. The only difference from what I can tell is this scene has lighting and most of my other scenes don’t.

It has only five lights and it is in an older project (maybe 6 months old) and every other scene in the project works and a few of them also have minor lighting.

I was wondering if anyone had any insight or leads.

Any help is appreciated! Even a shot in the dark!

Is this run in preview? Then check the console tab in the game window (press ctrl + shift + i).

If that doesn’t respond, try the same (while the game is running) in GDevelop editor.

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Failed to parse? It says. SourceMap?

Maybe a screen snip would be better, as there could be a few errors that could be red herrings.

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I’m not super sure.

Looks like you have an issue with one of your layer effects. Check your layers, and remove any effects like this :


You never fail to help me. Thank you it was that simple. I even thought i checked for that!

Thanks guys, I report this a an new bug, should be easy to fix :wink: