Scene pause/unpause getting even buggier

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I posted on the form with an issue I was having with music not properly pausing/unpausing when I paused a scene to switch to a new one, then unpaused the first scene and switched back to it. I got some help and I thought I had the issue figured out and realized it was just a limitation of the function, but after doing some more play testing and screwing around, the issue’s a lot worse than I thought…

The ONLY way I can get it to do mostly what I want is when I swap the scenes manually, with buttons. I have “p” mapped to switch to my cut scene, and “b” mapped to switch back to the main scene. Y’know, I did this so I could get around the regular triggers I have coded in and test the switches quicker. The only thing that doesn’t work when I do it this way is the audio coming back into the main scene, which I have to use “Scene just resumed” to get working. Disappointing, but not a super big deal.

Problem is, the triggers I actually intend on using in the gameplay seem to mess this up. If I use “p” to switch to the cut scene, then click through all the text which triggers the game to return to the main scene on the 7th click, everything works fine. However, if I enter the cut scene the proper way (which is triggered when the “d” key is pressed and when a global variable=1), I can’t exit the cut scene. In this instance, neither the natural trigger or the “b” key properly reload the main scene.

I guess it must have something to do with the way I have it set up to pause the game where it’s too complex and something’s tripping it up? Not really sure, though I’ve noticing GDevelop getting buggy when I do things certain ways.

I honestly don’t know if there’s a solution to this, but I’m throwing it out there in case there is, or if someone else is having the same problem or in case the devs see this.

Also, the game would freeze if I tried to relocate the position of a music source under the “Scene just resumed” condition. Weird.

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