Scene Pausing/2 Scene Pausing

I am trying to make one screen pause and go to settings screen/scene and when going back to last paused scene, I am wanting to pause the settings scene. Is this possible?

I think there is action to pause scene when going to another scene
But also i would consider NOT making settings as separate scene but as external layout (or was it event) which could be used across all scenes
While being only displayed sprite on scene like i haver here

Press ? button on top

Could u add video for this OR… screenshot of making this settings as external layout and making it save

I never used external layouts
You need to watch tutorial which you can easily find plenty on youtube or here on forums how to use them

Since i never used more than 1 scene
But i know that is the way to do it to have it across multiple scenes + you would need to make objects used in that layout global (damn maybe it relaly is external events? Sorry can’t remember proper name)

So you do not need to copy that objects on each scene

As for settings saving you can look up storage save
Or follow this poor screenshots of mine

Where i put everything under global variables
Create there structure variable and all variables i use in game are children variables of it
So i save only one variable to save all of them

Rest is just making sure that if you for example want to save music volume
That if you change music volume you also set that music volume value to that child variable
And same for every other variable
As for loading after you load variables you need to make sure you set something to that variables
So like after you press LOAD button in your game
You need to have action to set music volume to that global variable to which you previously saved volume

Also only thing that changed from when i made these screenshots is
Read is now Load
Write is now Save

How to link an external event to external layout and external layout to scene

I told you i never used them
I just know this is the way to do it since i know what they do

Here you go

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I stepped down from being a moderator a few months ago.

Not sure what you’re asking, but to be clear: External layouts have no usable event sheets. When you spawn them, only the objects are spawned, no events from the external layout carry over.

So you would not link an external event to an external layout directly. You COULD have an external event sheet that spawns an external layout, if you want.
The above tutorial is the right way to go about building externals.

For your original request, you cannot pause a current scene and go back to a previously paused scene. Paused scenes work like a stack of cards, you can only place or remove something directly from the top of the stack, you cannot pick up a card and then put another card down on the stack at the same time.

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OK! I am trying to save a scene to go to a settings scene then save that and go to previously saved scene.