Scoring Quiz Doesn't Work

Hello, Im doing a simple game that can be scoring the quiz. But I don’t see the “change the value of the global variable” in my Gdevelop app.
The variable’s tutorial has value, string, boolean, and toggle but I have arrays, number, test, and boolean instead. Besides, when he creates a global variable, it does not show the variable’s name, so I don’t know what type of variable is. So I create a number variable but it doesn’t work.
It seems simple and I copy it completely but It doesn’t work for my game.
How can I do a score-event for quizzes game?
Thanks for helping me.


When you add action, first choose “Other actions”, where you can find Variables → Global variables → Change number variable. After choosing that, you should find your global variable in the drop-down menu “Variable”. Then you can modify the value, e.g. add one point (as in the example screenshot below).

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

So the type of variable “points” is number, right?


Yes, it’s “number”. :slight_smile: